Different incentive plans offered for car deals

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Car deals

A number of incentive plans should be introduced for getting the best car deals. The manufacturers and dealers will provide different incentive plans like rebates, special financing etc for promoting car deals. The incentives are provided so that the customer doesn’t have to spend more money on the purchase. Here we will discuss some of the incentive plans offered to the customers.

1)      Warranty

Providing car warranty is one of the best incentives that a car dealer can provide for his customers. Motor vehicles always face different types of issues as well as faces wear and tear along with the time. So most of the dealers provide a warranty or extended warranty for the customers. Most of the new cars come with an extended warranty and the used cars with a warranty of normally 90 days.

2)      No need to pay down payment

Sometimes the dealers will offer zero down payments to customers. This is really good for customers as they don’t have to struggle to save the down payment amount. This facility is usually provided to those who have a good credit history. So the individuals without a good credit history have the option to get a low down payment facility. So it is a good offer that you can provide to your customers. Along with the no down payment offer, if the dealer is providing a low interest car loan and low monthly payments, it would be an added advantage to the customers.


incentive plans

3)      Rebates

Sometimes manufacturers provide rebates to customers for increasing the sales. By providing rebates, customers are saving money, as they don’t have to pay the actual price for the car. The amount of rebate is not fixed for all the cars. It varies depending on the price and model of the car. This method can be used to increase the sales of low moving models. You can directly contact the dealer or go to the manufacturer’s website so that you can find the information about the rebates offered to the customers. The dealers can provide up to $ 3,500 as rebate on car deals.

These are the different incentives provided to encourage the best car deals. Most of the times the customers are benefited from such car deal incentives. So this is a good option for the customers to provide some incentive plans to increase the car deals.

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